Adventures in the snow.

We’ll be riding the lifts next week, but not in shorts. This is actually at Sundance- we’re hoping to ski Deer Valley.

And I’m not really talking about the fun kind here.  You see, we live in Georgia, in the south, and nobody knows what to do when a little snow falls.  Now, in all fairness, when snow does fall here it promptly turns into ice because it’s usually not really cold enough to keep the stuff fluffy, and everybody knows that temperatures only hovering around freezing are the perfect recipe for black ice.  And probably everybody’s heard about the mess that was Atlanta a couple of weeks ago when we had those two measly inches.  Best plan of action when it snows in Georgia?  Just don’t go anywhere if you can help it.

Today, we’re getting snow again.  Yuck.  Worst of all, it’s supposed to continue into tomorrow, mixing in with a little rain and sleet, creating perfectly nasty road conditions.  All my grand plans for museum visits this week- out the window!  So you know what? Forget it, Georgia, we’re taking a break from you.  We’ll just go someplace where the snow is actually useful… say, Park City, Utah?  Seeing as the Pilot and I just realized TODAY that next week is the kid’s Winter Break at the homeschool hybrid they attend for math and science (we are really, really on top of things, apparently).  

We spent several months out there this summer while we contemplated our next move after our house sold.  We considered moving out there, but it just wasn’t right for us for a variety of reasons.  But, who says we can’t go out and ski when we get the chance?  So next week, we’re just going to do it.  We’ve found a hotel through Groupon, we’ll buy lift tickets the same day in order to utilize the Pilot’s military discount, and hop on a flight Monday afternoon (hopefully- you never really know when you fly standby).  Skiing on the (sort of) cheap!

Okay, I’m feeling better about the next two days of being snowed in again.  Sometimes you just need a little something to look forward to.

I took this photo last summer at Sundance Canyon.  This is one of the most beautiful places I've been to.
I took this photo last summer at Sundance Canyon. This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.